Online Struckmeyer-Ochonicky information

I am looking for ways to make my family trees available to the general public. My trees at can only be viewed by family and friends who I permit by email address. This is not a very helpful system in my opinion. I have created four family trees with Family Tree Maker software:

Struckmeyer – Sagner family tree
Ochonicky – Baer family tree
Skalla – Ridge family tree
Masson – Case family tree

Contact me for an invitation to view these trees.

Genealogy research

To do your own internet research, try the following sites:

Note: Three sites in this list (,, are all controlled by one corporation— Although the corporation offers some free services, they make money by selling annual subscriptions to historical databases. The upside is that they are making lots of valuable information accessible through the internet.

Searching for Your Genealogical Records

This is a brief introduction to genealogical research with some links for beginners. It is a good place to start before constructing your family tree.

History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy

Here is another introductory resource with a great selection of links.

Genealogy: The Complete Resource Guide

This seems to be a good starting point for genealogical research.

Getting Started in Genealogy

Another good starting point.

Understanding Your Family History

This is a fine starting place.

Getting Started with Genealogy on the Web

This is a simple starting place.

Genealogy Resources

This is well-researched paper with links to a multitude of resources.

Ten Most Popular Genealogy Websites

According to GenealogyInTime Magazine these ten websites receive about 42 percent of the traffic to all the genealogy websites on the internet.

Top Ten Free Genealogy Websites

Again, here is a list from GenealogyInTime Magazine.

Top 100 Genealogy Websites

Again, according to GenealogyInTime Magazine, these are the top 100 websites visited on the internet.

Ancestry maintains the web’s largest collection of online historical records. A quick search on this site will reveal if anything is available in their record collections about the individual you are researching. However many of the databases can only be accessed by subscription. (I currently subscribe to the World Deluxe membership which gives me access to all their domestic and international records, including the U.S. records collection, U.S. immigration records, and U.S. census records.) Ancestry. com also offers free family tree charts and forms at:

A quick search on this site will also reveal if anything is available in their online record collections about the individual you are researching. Like, many of the databases can only be accessed by subscription. (However, subscribing to is a better deal.)

This is an online genealogy community for learning and collaboration. I have not used it much, because it never turned up much useful information for me. I really can’t comment on its effectiveness.

This is the genealogy site of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints. They are improving their search capabilities with a new online pilot program. In addition, they have an enormous amount of microfilmed information from around the world that can be accessed at their Family Research Centers in cities throughout the country.

Ellis Island Passenger Search

The passenger records at Ellis Island have been transcribed and are available in a searchable database for free. Keep in mind that Ellis Island only served as an immigration processing center from 1892-1924.

Ellis Island History

This site gives a brief overview of the history of Ellis Island.

The National Archives

A lot of information is available online at I have not used it much to date, but plan to explore it more in the future. They have videos, how-to guides, and much more.

Free Genealogy Resources

Additional free resources.

5 Exciting Activities to Teach Your Kids About Their Family Tree

An article in Junior Genealogist

Genealogy Proof Standard (GPS) Flowchart

As you get deeper into family research, you may want to understand what professional genealogists call the “proof standard.” This guide explains what that is and provides a flowchart for determining whether your information is provable.

DNA testing kits: What are the privacy risks?

You may want to read this article before submitting your DNA for genealogy testing.

How to Download and Delete Your DNA from Every Company

A guide to protect your DNA.

Genealogy software

Family Tree Maker

This is the best-selling software for genealogy research. It was originally produced by The Generations Network which also owns,,, and Being best-selling doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best software, but it is easy to use and can do quick online searches through its links with In 2016, Ancestry announced that they would no longer support Family Tree Maker and it was picked up by, which seems to be doing an excellent job evolving the software.